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All pizzas are seasoned with black pepper. The pizza dough contains soy milk.

Mozza (LL)
Buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, parmesan and black pepper
14,9 €

Gorgonzola & Pear (LL)
White créme fraîche base, gorgonzola cheese, rosemary marinated pear, honey glazed walnuts, balsamico sauce and watercress
17,9 €

Carrot & Tarragon (V)
Carrot puree, roasted oyster mushrooms, caramelized onion, kale chips and tarragon oil
17,5 €

Eggplant & Pesto (V)
Marinated eggplant, zucchini, green pesto, jerusalem artichoke chips, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil
16,9 €

P'n'P (LL)
Pepperoni, herb roasted portobello, spicy red pepper mayonnaise, deep-fried onion and arugula
18,9 €

Smoked Salmon (LL)
Cold smoked salmon, arugula, fennel, pickled red onion, dill mayonnaise and chives (contains egg)
18,9 €

Scampi (LL)
Marinated scampi, roasted pineapple, togarashi mayonnaise and coriander (contains egg and sesame)
17,9 €

Gluten free pizza dough
Prepared in a kitchen where wheat flour is used
+3 €

Season's pizza - Skagen
Créme fraîche base, shrimps, spring onion, grilled lemon, micro herbs, dill mayo
18,9 €

A la carte

All burgers are served with a side of roasted potatoes.

Cheddar Burger (L)
Beef patty (180g), mature cheddar, bacon, ranch dressing, pickled red onion and cucumber, lettuce, tomato and house brioche
18,9 €

Pulled pork Burger (L)
Pulled pork, smoked créme fraîche, pickled red onion and cucumber, lettuce, bbq-sauce and house brioche
17,9 €

Tofu Burger (V)
Breaded tofu, avocado cream, tomato, pickled chili, citrus salad and house brioche
17,5 €

Seasonal risotto (G)
Ask the staff for our changing specialities!
20 €

Tenho's Steak (L, G)
Beef sirloin (200 g), roasted fennel and carrot, house aioli, parsley oil and parmesan potatoes
30 €


Tofu & Peanut (V,G)
Sesame crusted tofu, roasted carrots, sugar peas, chili peanuts, pickled red chili, orange, fresh coriander, parsley oil and peanut sauce
17,9 €

Salmon & Fennel (L,G)
Fried salmon, roasted fennel, quinoa, marinated red onion, zucchini, marinated tomato, dill mayonnaise and citrus salad (contains egg)
18,5 €


Roasted Potatoes (L, G)
Roasted potatoes with aioli (contains egg, vegan option available)
8 €

Halloumi Fries (L)
Breaded halloumi cheese, yoghurt, Tenho's tomato salsa, coriander and pomegranate seeds (contains garlic)
9 €

Tenho's Antipasto
Marinated olives, Gorgonzola cheese, rosemary marinated pear, prosciutto, grilled bell peppers and toasted house brioche (contains garlic)
12 €

Vegan Antipasto (V)
Marinated olives, falafel, chili mayonnaise, avocado, grilled bell peppers and toasted house brioche
10 €


Tiramisu (V,G)

9.9 €

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